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Busy Weekend

Friday night, kaisilverwolf came over and shortly after, urnesha arrived. That night was spent hanging out and watching various tv-like things.

Saturday (Kaisilverwolf and Urnesha stayed over until Sunday and Monday respectively) editswlonghair and vampyrusgirl came down from MA and we all went on an excursion. We started with a trip to the Meadowlands that was less organized than I'd have liked. I'd tried to get information about the swamplands park on the internet, but was unable to find much on it. I had been able to find a small map with some of the parks on it, so we went. Sadly, we did not get to go canoing, but perhaps later this year that shall come to fruition if Urnesha's co-worker can tell her where.

Despite my lack of preparedness, I believe the trip to the swamp was enjoyed by all. We proceeded from there to Coney Island for hot dogs at Nathans. We'd had some at Rutt's Hutt on the way to the meadowlands, so it was a day of hot dogs. Kaisilverwolf finally had a hot dog at Rutt's Hutt and she didn't die, so I consider it a success. The line at Nathans was comically long, but we persevered and had an enjoyable meal. Editswlonghair had a 64 oz. beer from the takeaway window. I had thought open containers in public were illegal, but evidently not. We had a brief walk on the boardwalk and were suitable appalled at the public restroom facilities. Sadly, we didn't have much time for exploring the rest of Coney Island. On the way home, we stopped at the Tick Tock for Pie.

Sunday, hagbardc came over with his wife Steph and Pete! I introduced them to Vampyrusgirl and Editswlonghair. While the 6 of us were sitting in the living room, Kaisilverwolf, Urnesha, inochinoakari, emmalyon and joncwriter each came downstairs one at a time. Pete said my house seemed like a clown car and wanted to know how many more people would come down. All but Emmalyon and Joncwriter went to breakfast at the Empire Diner. Vampyrusgirl and Editswlonghair took Urnesha and Kaisilverwolf back to my place before continuing to the Bronx. I hope you had a good remainder of the trip! Urnesha whiled away the rest of the day and Kaisilverwolf had her mom pick her up. I hope you both had decent trips home.

Inochinoakari, Pete, HagbardC, Steph and I went to Deleware to go to The Rogure's Den. This is a game/renfest-goth clothing/comic store that HarbardC had heard great things about. Sadly, it didn't live up to expectations. It was huge, but had relatively little stock. There were SCA Larpers whanging away at each other in one section of the store, there was a cafe area, a gaming table/mini painting area and a merchendise area. The building was huge, but the space used poorly. Still, when the owner heard we'd come down from N. NJ, he offered us all a 10% discount.

HagbardC wants to apologize to wizardru who he referenced several times in the "he'll kill me for not telling him we were going here" mode. HagbardC had also heard that there was a good book store on the same street. We asked the owner of Rogue's Den if he knew where it was and he told us it was acrosss the street, but it was closed on Sundays. HE LIED!! They were open! Fortunately for us, there was also an Arbys across the street and as it is Inochinoakari's favorite fast food, we ate lunch there. Since we were already across the street I drove to look at the bookstore after we'd eaten so I'd know if it looked worth investigating on a subsequent trip. The store is Between Books and looks like a small store in a strip mall. As I paused to examine the map for how to get to the Harley Dealership on the way back, some people went into the bookstore. I parked the car and we went in. Not only was it quite large and devoted primarily to SF and Mystery, it also had games! It was much better than Rogue's Den.

On the drive home, we stopped at Mike's Harley Dealership and wandered about the motorcycles. Inochinoakari got some really nice boots and we had fun wandering about the store and marvelling at the bizarre musical selection being played: AC/DC to old Bob Dylan. We stopped at the Star Diner (was that the name?) on the way back and HagbardC got the worlds chewiest steak.

I am now exhausted.

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