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The wan the constitutional process is proceeding, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the long term result of the Iraq war being a break-up of the country. The North would become a Kurdish state, annoying Turkey no end. The South would become a Shi'i (shiite?), client state of Iran. Hell, it could even be absorbed willingly by Iran. The middle, that'd either be absorbed by Iran, the new Kurd state or someplace like Syria or Jordan. At worst, it'd become its own, badly impovershed Sunni state.

As far as the farsical constitution goes, it looks like there'll be lots of religious law, family courts being religious courts, women being denied many rights, etc... Not much of a constitution, but then this isn't really the time to be writing one.

If it doesn't break up, or in the years before a final break up, Iran looks to have a huge influence in the state. I wonder if Iran will be sending Mr. Bush a gift basket.

That so much of the "third world" is still divided into sections based on colonial conquest is just bizzare. I wonder if it'll ever manage to realign more reasonably.

See? This is what happens when you let ex-communists/Stalinists run the country!

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