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The Zen Diet


Eat everything that is satisfying to you, but do not eat everything that is satisfing to you.

Ensure that what is satisyfying to you is good for you and that you are satisfied by eating reasonable amounts of it.

Relieve boredom and frustration through contemplation and reflection instead of consumption.

Do not eat simply because others are eating. When all people try to walk the same path at the same time, everyone is slowed.

When you are hungry, ask if you are truly hungry. Contemplate what hunger is. Enjoy aspects of hunger as you enjoy aspects of ending hunger. Hunger itself is part of eating and therefore part of satisaction.

Incorporate exercise. Be more active than you have previously in small ways as well as big.

Do not rush.

There is no goal to reach in dieting. Seek happiness. When you are happy and your eating and self-image are in balance your diet has worked.

Be Healthy.


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