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Monday Morning

I feel like I need around 2 days more sleep. Why in the world am I so tired? I had a nice, relaxing weekend, I got plenty of sleep. I'm finally starting to work out just how to get into work on time despite having to take a new route thanks to construction that shuts 78 down to 1 lane each way. Yuck.

Fortunately, tonight will see a horde of young women descending upon my house in search of meat and wrestling. OK, not all of them are in search of meat. I'm hoping that the one who describes herself as a vegetarian minus the vegetables has a good dinner anyway. aidosaur is bringing 2 of her friends for her last Monday Night Wrestling in NJ before she goes back to school. In celebration, I bought steak. kaisilverwolf is also intending to attend and urnesha is already there, in blissful slumber as I type this.

Sadly, inochinoakari will NOT be there as she must work tonight, however I got her a steak too and will cook it so she only has to reheat it when she gets home. Had she had the night off, she would have invited a young woman she works with and her 2 friends who went to Otakon with aidosaur's 2 friends. The house would then have submerged in estrogen and fallen off the hill onto the Wal*Mart TM Evil Corporation 2005.

Anyway, tonight should be amusing.

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