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Something that's been bothering me about polls

In many polls about Bush's approval ratings that I've been reading, I've been seeing that his support with democrats is in the low 20s, independants in the low 30s or 40s and republicans in the mid 80s. This was troubling because unless he lost support among republicans, how would his levels fall low enough for politicians and the media to challege him?

I read today on Donkey Rising something that both makes me feel better and explains why his repub support is still so high.

Over a long period, Democrats maintain a 3 point advantage in party identification if that's all they're asked. However, in polls that are mostly about Presidential approval, etc... there can be rapid swings of up to 17 points in party identification! It isn't that all the people that approved of him before still do, it is that those that don't now don't call themselves Republican in the poll!

Sorry to babble about something as silly as this, but it explains much that had troubled me about polls and American opinion.

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