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Previous message

I suppose I should clarify the previous message in hopes of broadening qahawthorne's reach for her mission.
She is trying to change the "mood" of LiveJournal to Quixotic. In her words:
I am proudly joining this crusade, thank you dmp!
Tell your friends! Threaten your enemies! Shout it from the rooftops!

Someone has recorded LiveJournal's current mood, letting us know how poor old LJ is feeling from time to time. Most often, it seems to be amused. You and I both know this just isn't good enough. Many moods are underappreciated, and some are all but lost.

I say we help LJ to dream the impossible dream!

Proposal :
For the next 24 hours, I'm asking you to label all your posts "quixotic"!

We'll show the world that the loyal, dedicated, noble Ljuser can fight against the windmills of the too-commonly used moods and kick their collective swirling, merely amused asses!

I too, implore you all. Make your every mood today quixotic!

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