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Yes, I know few if any of you care about football, but I wanted to post anyway.

The Packers have been going through rediculous injuries this year.
#1 RB - Ahman Green - out for the year
#2 RB - Najeh Davneport - out for the year
#1 WR - Javon Walker - out for the year
#3 WR - Rober Ferguson - out for several more weeks
#1 TE - Bubba Franks - Has been out or limited most of the season so far
2 best starters on the Offensive Line - gone in Free Agency before the year started
#1 Center - Injured in some games
#1 RG - Injured in some games

The Defense stinks and has been made wose with injuries of their own.

By the end of the game, Favre was playing with a banged up Offensive Line, 2 WRs, 1 RB and 3 TEs. And they still only lost because the kicker missed 2 field goals. Somehow some sports writers are using the losses this year to say Favre is washed up. If his players were healthy or if he was on any other team in the league, they'd be in first place.

People are idiots.

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