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Pete has returned from Japan! Now I no longer have to have the pleasure of picking his cat's poop off his living room floor. He has many a story to tell and I look forward to hearing them. Perhaps in 2 weeks we can get together for bbq and games. mmmmm... bbq....

Ooooh! I've just been told Katherine Hepburn's house is for sale. Only $12 million! mmmmm... Katherine Hepburn...

Once I've finished straightening the living room and basement, I'd like to sort my cds and, more worryingly, my records. My records haven't been sorted in, oh, 8 years. I think I sorted them in Ohio, but if I didn’t then I haven’t sorted them since college which likely means that there are some more albums by Spliff or Jesters of Destiny awaiting me. For those of you that don’t know, my record collection is large enough that when I was in college, if someone didn’t want a record, they hid it in my collection and I wouldn’t find it for months, if at all. The two bands mentioned above were two that appeared in my collection that I should probably discard, but it is too funny to ruin the joke. mmmmm... Vinyl...

I played basketball again at lunch today. My brother played with us (he recently started working there) and it has been years since he played. He was exhausted, but I think he had fun. We did have one Mighty Collision but it wasn’t really serious. I’m just glad it was him I ran into since I think I would have knocked over anyone else out there. It actually made my neck feel a little better. That may be a sign I should visit a chiropractor. One of the more amusing aspects of my brother working in the next cube is that he has a new phone number while mine is the one I had before work moved my group to a new location. We sit right next to each other, but our phone numbers start with two different area codes. OK, maybe only I’m amused by that. mmmmm... self-indulgent humor...

Thought for now: Now is the right time for today. Yesterday was too early and tomorrow is too late.

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