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My Weekend

Friday night, inochinoakari, cr4ckdr34m and I went to Baadshah for some lovely Indian food.

Saturday I arose a full 1/2 hour later than intended and called hagbardc to ask him to delay his arrival at my house by 1/2 hour as well. I thought if he arrived at 11:30 we could drop some recycling off at the dump on the way to Pete's. Sadly, he arrived at 11:50 and we did not have time, so the large box of shredded paper will likely ride around with me for awhile.

Once at Pete's we played a game called Ingenious. It was an amusing game, mostly a twist on Dominos. Pete won. We ordered Chineese food for lunch and I was pleased as the last Chineese food I'd had sucked. hagbardc got a fortune that said he would be surrounded by good fortune. Pete got one that said everything he touched would turn out fortunate, thus explaining hagbardc's fortune. Pete proceeded to win the game. I got the worst fortune ever: Why does the apple fall to the ground?
"Gravity, Duh!" Was the only possible response.

After Pete won Ingenious, we played Soldier Kings and realized it would make a better game for more people or if we played the scenario where each person plays 2 countries. We also realized that the areas outside Europe just didn't matter much in the 7 Years War. Fortunately, to keep things interesting, Spain invaded France, while France was occupied trying to keep England/Hannover from conquering all of the Holy Roman Empire. Switzerland also decided to invade France. England (Pete) won with a TKO when it became obvious we couldn't stop him. Good fortune again!

Then we played a Euro Game called Olio Mare or something like that. I'm sure I have it all wrong, but it was about trading in the Medetteranian. I determined the game was much more fun if you declare "I hate this game" every few moments out of frustration. The game is actually quite good once you get used to its quirks, but getting there can be quite annoying. This one I won, presumable because Pete touched my pieces or because the apple finally hit the ground.

We ate some delicious ravioli for dinner and had cookies for dessert. Cookies that we hid from 3-Year-Old Matt (Pete's son) under the game's box top. That kid sure does looooove cookies.

I topped off the evening by chasing Matt around the house with a 2 foot long remote controlled Panzer.

Sunday was spent watching football and working, as I hadn't worked enough Friday. I also played some CoH in the evening. A mostly uneventful day.

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