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I drive a 1998 Nissan Pathfinder. My 8 year old car now has 242,000+ miles on it. Not surprisingly, the remote lock control has broken slightly. I can still lock doors with it, I just can't unlock them. I can still open the doors with a key, so that's not that bad, but I wanted to see what it'd cost to get a new one. I called a dealership and asked. The price for programming a replacement is $44. I thought this was high, but it is a dealership and they overcharge for everything. I said "How much is the controller?" He said "Let me put you through to parts."

When parts answered, I asked. There was a looooong pause as the guy looked it up. "$86" he said. Now there was a loooong pause on my end. "Does that include the programming?" I asked. "No" was the immediate and complete response. I laughed, thanked him and hung up. $130 for a remote for an 8 year old car. Are they mad? They had a controller in stock. I'm assuming it is because they've never, ever sold one.

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