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I was called Monday Morning for a political phone survey. I always participate in those and was a little surprised at how open ended this one was. The first question was "What do you think the president's first priority should be in the coming year?" Usually they go on to recite a list of choices, but this time the pollster just waited. I said "He should be resigning."
The pollster went on to ask a bunch of questions about reform, which is what I bet the expected answer was. Then again, it may have been a push poll where they aren't interested in your answers, they're just trying to spread more propaganda. I was having none of it. I made it emphatically clear that the Abrhamoff series of scandals is entirely Republican and they are NOT the ones to be claiming they can fix it. As as example, the three leading contenders for DeLay's old position in the Congressional Hierarchy are arguing over who is the least corrupt, not who isn't corrupt.

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