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Cleaning Music

I set my computer on random last night and cleaned.

Drunk by Noon Handsome Family
Yummy Yummy Yummy Julie London
Dragostea Din Tei O-Zone
Candy Nat King Cole Trio
There's Something Wrong with Me Mr. T Experience
Somebody Loves Me Nat King Cole Trio
I Got a Girl Tripping Daisy
Wonderwall Mike Flowers Pops
Little Willy The Sweet
Rhythm in my Nursrey Rhymes Homer & Jethro
My Pal Foot Foot The Shaggs
Lovely Rita Beatles
Red Lips, Red Eyes, Red Stockings Red Elvises
I Want You Around Ramones
Standing on My Foot Mr. T Experience
The Phantom The SuperDupers
Shake It Up The Cars
Whiner's Bio Mates of State
Sealab 2021 Theme Calamine
Another First Kiss They Might Be Giants
When You Die Barnes & Barnes
Knowledge Aquabats
I'm Henry the VIII, I Am Herman's Hermits
I Wanna be Sedated Ramones
Jimmy Carter Says Yes! Song Poem
Strawberry Butthole Surfers
Girlfriend is Worse Ex Models
Seppi war ein Punk Rocker/Kumm Danz Sigi Pop
Dream a Little Dream of Me Ella Mae Moorse
Jordan for President Louis Jordan
How Do You Work this Thing Robyn Hitchock
Photo Shop Bis
What Makes the Monkey Dance Chuck Prophet
Yes, Anastasia Tori Amos
Watch the Girl Destroy Me Possum Dixon
Five Guys Named Moe Louis Jordan
I Wanna Be Alone (With You) Yesterday's Kids
Tower of Strength Gene McDaniels
Original Prankster Offspring
Raymond Chandler Evening Robyn Hitchock
That Old Black Magic Sammy Davis Jr.
Rock Lobster B-52s
Drive Apocalyptica
Teenage Identity Song Bicycle Face
High Five Anxiety Nerf Herder
Close (to the edit) Art of Noise
Sexx Laws Beck
If You Were a Priest Robyn Hitchock
1000 Umbrellas XTC
Solid Potato Salad Ella Mae Moorse
Human Behavior The Decemberists
Happy Man Iggy Pop
She Don't Use Jelly Flaming Lips
Get Over It OK GO
Martha My Dear Beatles
Ring of Fire Johnny Cash
Dry the Rain Beta Band
This Must be the Place (Naïve Melody) Talking Heads

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