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Last Weekend

Yes, I know it is Thursday and I've already posted about other things. Hoever, last weekend was too much fun to let it go uncommented. I'll only highlight some parts to keep the post shorter.

Firday night I drove to MA

On Saturday we went to a comic store where I spent less money than I expected. They'd started a 25 cent bin for back issues, but they were all recent enough and mainstream enough that there was little I wanted that I didn't already have. I bought some complete runs of some more obscure titles, but that was it. After the comic shop, we went to a cd store that had used cds and boxes of used cds cheap. You can't 99open them, but some examples are 150 CDs for $44 or $135 for $39. I bought 2 boxes and some single cds. The boxes totaled 500 cds and I'll be posting about their contents as I listen to them. I've already sorted out most of the CDs I'm not even going to listen to, primarily rap, gospel and country, but I still have around 100 to go through. I also got a CD called Welcome to Fort Awesome that I'll likely post about this weekend. It was in addition to the boxes and I was made to buy it by allegedly and emilytheslayer. It is entirely their fault and I thank them.
After we dropped the CDs and comics off in the car, and noticed that I'd gotten a parking ticket, we walked a few blocks in freezing cold and high wind to the Boston Beer Works. In addition to the above mentioned individuals, aliwings, head58, telepresence and mgrasso were also in attendance. There was a wait of an hour, but it was so cold out, we waited. Food was good, fun was had.

Sunday we went to Newbury Comics. I bought Repo Man, some other DvDs and some CDs. Yes, more CDs. Big whoop, wanna fight about it? Anyway, this was the only event in the day. In the evening, we went to editswlonghair's surprise birthday dinner at a really good BBQ joint. I gotto be part of the ruse with aliwings to get him there. I believe he enjoyed it greatly. The food was sooooo good. And everyone got "Whoopie Pies" which I still haven't eaten. I should do that today...

Monday I bought Maple Syrup for kaisilverwolf and drove home. I also bought her Ms. Butterworth's syrup as a joke 'cause she wanted real maple syrup. She was amused when I tried to say that's what I thought she'd wanted.

More on more recent things later!

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