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This past weekend, in addition to going to kareoke and having fun despite not being able to sing because I have NO voice at all, I went clothes shopping with kaisilverwolf and aliwings. We spent around 2 1/2 hours in a store as they did their best bee imitations and I sat in a chair giving my opinions of various outfits on them. I say "bee imitation" because they both went into adjacent dressing rooms at about the same time, then one would come out, show what they were wearing and then buzz around the store looking for something that was a little different, while they were out, the other would come out, ask for and opinion and either go back in or start buzzing about as well. That's how it took so long and they looked like they were going out looking for pollen. Maybe you had to be there.

Anyway, they had nice, comfy chairs there. The only problem was I was sitting directly in front of a big, full-length mirror. Since only a fraction of my time was spent opining on the worthiness of clothing to adorn them, much of the rest of the time was spent thinking "damn... I'm fatter than I thought". I left the store with a great determination to lose more weight. In fact, I've already altered my eating habits a little and am hoping it'll continue.

Unfortunately, when I got home from the weekend, I walk in the door and what's on the kitchen counter? All the girl scout cookies I ordered months before. *cue sad trumpet sound, you know, the wah wah wah waaaaaahh*

I may just bring them all next weekend and expect you all to dispose of them for me.

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