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Success and failure

Went over to Pete's today to rip up the rest of the basement floor and play games. As it turned out, I planted a tree (dogwood) successfully. I then went into the basement with Pete to work on the floor. We’d gotten a circular saw to cut up the boards and make them easier to rip up. Sadly, the blade binds as soon as we get most of the way through a few boards so we fall into a pattern of cutting through a few and I rip them up with the gorilla bar while Pete cuts more. When we got about ½ way through the blade started binding sooner and sooner to the point where we could only get ½ way through each board! We’re at a loss for how to continue. At least we played games, introduced Pete to a new, addictive computer game and ate ham.
Pete’s son Matt had a ball until he started throwing up. We have no idea why, but he seemed ok except for being disconcerted by the act.
And then there's the new "ham song"...

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