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I had the best dream last night. I wasn't in it at all, but it still rocked. I was dreaming a Katherine Hepburn movie (mmmmm Katherine Hepburn....) and it was a long one.

It started with her as a teenager, 18 or 19 I suppose, with 2 younger kids, another woman her age and a guy in his 20s. It was set in the 1940s in Nazi Germany. They're in a Nazi base and have just pulled off their sabotage and now they have to hide from the Nazis. And not just nazis, Hitler! Hitler on a motorcycle! This involves much scrunching down in truck seats while Hitler looks in the windshield, complicated running around the side of a building and truck while Hitler is riding around the building, etc...

Finally, they escape from Hitler, but are still on the base and the waters are rising! They have to find something indoors quickly or they're in trouble. The find a men's bathroom and women's bathroom while searching and realize they should use them while they have the chance and all this rising water is making them have to pee anyway.

At this point, the camera goes with the man and the boy while the three females go use their bathroom. The guy opens the door and there's a nazi RIGHT on the other side, but his back is turned, he's fiddling with his belt so he doesn't see. The guy closes the door and motions to the boy to be quiet and stay there. He then opens the door hard and catches the nazi by surprise, killing him in a quick fight. As he's standing there saying "it is ok, you can come in", the boy comes in, looks behind the guy and says "uh...." and points. There's five nazis behind him stunned at what has just happened. Everyone runs.

They come upon a school room with lots of big windows and screens. The windows are the crappy kind like I have at my house where you have to turn a handle to pull the window closed. They open out to the left or right and there's even one like that on the door. The one on the door is the only one that can be opened from the outside with a special long-handled tool.

Since the water is still rising, and there are lots of Nazis and monsters (especially plant-monsters) running about outside, they call all the students into the classroom and shut all the windows and the door. This thwarts everything but the monsters (especially the plant-monsters). They just manage to get all the windows closed when a plant monster comes to the door with the long handled tool! A fight then ensues over much opening and closing of the window. Fortunately, the Storm Window Man comes along and replaces the screens and that stops the monsters once and for all.

The next scene is years later and Katherine is a young woman in her mid twenties. She's somehow recently come into millions of dollars and has no idea what to do with herself any more. Her friends (possible some of the same people from the earlier scene) try to advise her, but they have no idea what to do and comedy ensues. She slowly starts to gain confidence and figure out what she wants. She even starts romancing a young man and is just about settled into her new life when!

She goes on a visit to one of her investments, a factory with a research facility. (I know some of you can already tell where this is going) An accident occurs and she gains super powers! I should point out that this entire dream has been shot like a 1940s movie, clothes, tech and even much of the story are as if from that era. Her super-heroine outfit is much the same, covers chin to foot and has a nice cape. Why she gets a costume, I have no idea. There are no other super-heroes, but I suppose there are comics. So, she's sitting around in her penthouse, bored, in her super-heroine outfit and is depressed because everything had been going to well and now there's this complication. She wants to use her powers for good, to benefit humanity. That's already what she'd decided to use her money for, but there's nothing to do with the super powers.

It isn't like you just happen across a bank robbery every day and people don't really fall off of buildings that often. While she's thinking that, She's sitting by the railing having her boots shined and slowly lifts her foot. She gives a little kick and sends the butler over the edge of the building. She stand up, look over the edge while saying "What have I done?" but you can see a little smile on her face as she leaps over the side, flies down and saves him. She apologizes to him saying she isn't used to the powers yet, was just tapping her foot accidentally, etc... You know the kind of "dizzy woman" routine used in the 1940s to excuse anything odd women did in the movies.

Unfortunately, since there really are few crimes for her to stop and few people to save, she starts surreptitiously putting other people in danger just to save them.

That's when hagbardc called and woke me up.

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