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They still hate punk

I cannot believe this story.
I bet if it was "Kill the Poor" they'd just have assumed he was a government minister.

Also from the Salon article that pointed me to the above article
The plight of Harraj Mann is absurd enough, but more disturbing was the 2004 case of another Briton, Mike Devine, who found himself hauled away for questioning after sending out a text message containing lyrics to the Clash song "Tommy Gun." According to authorities, Devine, a musician who plays in a Clash tribute band, had intended to send the lyrics to a friend, but punched in the wrong number. The message ended up going to a woman in Bristol, who contacted police. The cops traced the sender and apprehended Devine at his office.

That's the official story, though some terrorism experts have maintained that the British intelligence office GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) actively monitors the content of mobile voice and text messaging. It has been speculated that GCHQ's antennae seized on a snippet from "Tommy Gun" that goes, "One jet airliner and 10 prisoners."


(But here at home, just to test things out, and in the spirit of long-forgotten alt rock, I was tempted to text-message the full lyrics from Stiff Little Fingers' "Suspect Device" to the cellphones of every airline representative and government official in my Rolodex. "It's time the bastards fell ... We're gonna blow up in their face!")

(I love that song)
and finally, my favorite

And as for the British cabbie who turned in Mr. Mann, one theory -- mine -- suggests he did so not because he thought Mann might blow up a plane but because he chose to sing along to "London Calling," albeit a commercial hit but possibly the least compelling song from that landmark double album of the same name. Had he gone with "Rudie Can't Fail," he'd have stayed clear of trouble.

Suspect Device indeed. I'd bet this is the same kind of gem the NSA has been turning up with Bush's illegal wiretapping.

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