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I've worked in many different environments, yet I think I’ve encountered a first here. We have a dog in the office. A real, live doggie running about the office, allowed to go wherever she pleases. She's a dachshund. While some may find this cute, I feel bad for the dog. I don't much like dogs and prefer the larger breeds when I do interact with them, yet I feel really badly for this one.
Evidently, some higher ranking person in the company convinced the powers that be to purchase a dog for her and call it the "company" dog. It has a cage on our floor and is allowed free reign. The got her when she was around 6 weeks old and paper trained her on the go, as it were. There are stains all over the place from those early days and they’ve gotten carpet that'll show the mess less. She still has accidents from time to time when the "owner" doesn’t get to her in time. You have to watch where you walk in case she has an accident, leaves a chew toy about or is just underfoot.
The worst part is that this dog is in a cavernous office, filled with strangers who all ignore her all day. He can't go outside often and spends his time looking forlornly at the people that work there. The theory was that everyone would be soothed by the presence of an animal and become happier and more productive. In reality, everyone hates having her there, resents him and tenses up when he comes by or barks. She’s a nice enough dog, she’s just doesn’t belong there.
Oh, and they got a dog instead of a cat "because more people are allergic to cats," which isn't even true! At least the cat would use its box and not need as much attention.

Dachshund in the office, please yap free.
You need a walk, that I can see.
Can I take you to a resturant, it's got glass tables
I can watch you sit, while I am eating...

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