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Infinite Crisis

I gave it a chance. I gave it the benefit of the doubt. In the end though... it was crap.
The art was fine. There were several splash panels and covers that were wonderful. The writing was lazy, hackneyed and pointless.
The two worst parts (and this takes in the entire event, not just the series) were Superboy altering reality by punching it and Batman weilding a gun. The latter seemed to be simply because the writer and artist couldn't think of any other way to show Batman threatening to take a life.
After reading all 7 issues and most of the tie ins, I'm left with one thought: Why? What was the point of this whole thing? There's still 1 Earth, a few characters were killed, a few more were brought back to life (badly). That's it! Really nothing else has changed. Sure, there was a year without Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, but not for the readers. Superman "lost" his powers, but three issues into the new storylines and he's got them back. Batman is no different at all. I haven't seen Wonder Woman's new comic yet, but I'll bet it is the same for her.
Magic seems to be the same, despite lots of blather about the "new age of magic". The Spectre is back. I've lost all respect for the writer of this series. I'd been hoping he'd be a new great writer, he'd been getting lots of hype, but he's got nothing.
They should have let Alan Moore write and plot the whole thing. Then we'd have seen some changes, he's INSANE!

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