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2 weird dreams

In the first, I was a soldier in the Korean War. I went up in a four person fighter jet and we strafed the enemy soldiers, both with the plane's guns and with machine guns we held out the canopy. After we landed, I was told we hadn't killed enough of them, so I was sent out to kill some more. Both times, in the plane and on foot, I went along this miles long hill. It was around 10 feel high and 15 feet wide the whole way.

When I went out on foot, I couldn't find any place to shoot at the enemy where I wouldn't hit my side too. Finally I came upon a group of enemy soldiers standing in close ranks in front of a wall. Unfortunately, John Lithgow was performing a few feet away from them, but if I aimed well I could miss him. I hunkered down with my 50 cal machine gun, which I was somehow carrying about, and shot as many as I could before more enemy troops started after me.

The generals had told me how many more I needed to kill and I was confident I'd done so, until I got back and found out I'd gunned down POWs

That's when Copper woke me to feed her.

In the second dream, I was a secret agent with 5 women, none of whom I know in real life, partolling an enemy mall. It was a really creepy mall and was at least 40 stories high with an open center column all the way down. I couldn't get close to the edge. This was in a bizarre totalitarian state and also in the past. We stopped for ice cream and I was worried because my currency was for the next leader of the empire, but no-one noticed.

After much skulking around, we were caught. There was lots of jumping in elevators before we were caught and destroying electronics and wiping computers and firing bazookas at helecopters. That part was very chaotic. We led them on a merry chase indeed and we accomplished our mission.

Once we were captured they put us on porceilin water slides around the edges of a large, high ceilinged, square room. We were tied to a conveyer belt that pulled us down, but the slides were slick with water, so it didn't hurt. We couldn't figure out what the hell was going on until the two older women ended up in a deep, square tub at the bottom of one of the slides. It went part way under the wall and they were held in by a rubbery net that left them head and shoulders above the water.

Suddenly, all the water drained out of their tub. They were wondering what wa going on when it started filling again with acid! They screamed and struggled and there was nothing any of us could do. At around this point, the fifth woman in the group, who evidently hadn't been captured, broke in and freed them. It must have been pretty crappy acid because the two women were only mildly burned and we had bandages for them.

The fifth women, whom I apparently liked, went about freeing the rest of us. She freed me first and I realized something weird about the last 2 prisoners. They were both tied to the belt with normal restraints and with cables passing through their nasal passages. Fifth Woman managed to free the woman by unthreading the cable, but it wouldn't work on the prisoner I was supposed to free. His nose was threaded with Cat 6 cable and the connector on the end would have caused him great pain. I managed to find scissors and cut it close to his noce and he was able to free himself. Turns out, it is Lee Majors!

And then I woke up.

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