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I just finished reading Red Earth and Pouring Rain : A Novel by Vikram Chandra a few days ago. I thoroughly enjoyed it. This book isn't just a story about people, it is a story about people telling stories. Often about people telling stories about people telling stories. Occasionally about people telling stories about people telling stories about people telling stories. Once in a while, oh you get the idea...

Despite all these layers and there being at least 2 primary storytellers who's stories are not directly connected, it never gets confusing. The book remained compelling thoughout and was both a modern novel and an historical novel at the same time. Parts were great fun indeed. India, its history and fable are at the heart of the book, but so is life in modern America. Near the end of the book, there is some Cricket, but the "rules" of the game don't matter enough to spoil the narrative. Since cricket is inherantly incomprehensible, just go with it.

I highly reccomend this to those of you who enjoy reading.

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