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Vague dream

I was in one of those strange malls that exist in my head. There are apparently a few standard models of dream malls that don't exist in reality. Anyway, I was trying to find kaisilverwolf and qahawthorne. I'd see qahawthorne at a distance from time to time and saw kaisilverwolf once. I couldnever catch up to them though. Both were dressed for graduation and qahawthorne was always weating a head scarf. I'd run into other friends of ours and talk to them about catching up to them, but somehow I kept ending up driving around in one of my dream cities. There was also a store I kept trying to get to, but it was always closed when I showed up. The sign on the door actually said "Closed until Forever". But I knew it would be open again tomorrow and I had to be at work.
I did finally catch up to qahawthorne and kaisilverwolf just as Copper woke me up.

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