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X3 Review

If asked to decribe it further I'd say it was a large block of limburger.

The good: The special effects were nice. Magneto was sufficiently dramatic (remember, I haven't seen the first 2). I was surprised how much I liked Kelsey Grammer as The Beast. The Churchill line was perfect. They did well wiith the friendship between Magneto and Professor X. I think that's the best thing Marvel has ever done with the X-Men and I'm glad it made it to the movies.

The bad: Too much fan service. Ooh, lets see Hugh Jackman naked alot! Hey, I wrote some Wolverine/Jean Grey romance fic, lets put that in. I really liked that Juggernaut appearance in that fan film, lets reference that. (Yes, I had to be told it was a fan film reference, but "I'm Juggernaut, bitch" still felt tacked on and the director called too much attention to it.)
The bad continued: Magneto's last line "What have I done?" What, the serum that makes you human also gives you amnesia? Or just makes you an idiot?

Personal complaints:

  • Why was Colossus American? He is Russian! He is personification of Tractor Factory! In Soviet Russia, Mutant Powers get you!
  • Why was Colossus carrying a large tube tv? What, they spent too much on the Danger Rooms and couldn't afford flat screens?
  • Why didn't they, even once, refer to her as Dark Phoenix? Why didn't they EVER show the Phoenix aura? They want to give something to the comic fans, that's where to go!
  • Where was Nightcrawler? What, one fuzzy blue mutant per movie is enough?
  • I'm so used to Rogue having Ms. Marvel's powers that when she doesn't it is annoying.
  • The pacing seemed slow to me, but maybe that's 'cause I was sitting in the theatre thinking "Oh, right, they're going there... ok, next! Come on, next!
  • Why create a new, female speedster instead of just bringing in Quicksilver? What, Halle Berry can't fight a guy?
  • Why didn't Magneto remember what his powers were? He didn't notice the guns were plastic, but can "smell wolverine's adamantium" a mile off? He forgets he can rip the blood out of people with the iron in their blood?
  • Jean Grey does nothing in the entire final battle until they come after her? Sure, that'll happen. Magneto forgets she could restore all the mutant's genes after the "cure" changes them?
  • As cr4ckdr34m pointed out, Juggernaut's powers aren't mutant, they're magic. Kitty should have been squished. Charles's step brother? Who cares?
  • BAH!

Actually my biggest complaint in this movie is an amplified complaint I have about the Batman movies. Too Many Characters! The dupilicaty guy has what, 1 scene? Rogue was in the movie so she could stand in line. Colossus did 2 things, maybe. Keep it with the core team of X-Men and a small team of villains at most. Don't throw in duplicatey guy just for that once trick in the forest and do nothing else with him! Don't have Colossus there just to throw Wolverine!

So yes, a bunch of stinky cheese that some people will love. I like cheese, I don't like stinky.

Final rating: Meh + Bah!

Also, I'm really looking forward to the other superhero movie we saw a trailer for.

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