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It's just another day (doo doot doot doodooo do)

I need more pairs of sweatpants with pockets. Last time I tried to find them I only found one pair that had pockets. Pockets make sweatpants far more useful, I don’t know why so few have them.

I didn’t get a haircut today like I wanted. Instead, I went and looked at the place my uncle bought where he wants my grandmother to live. I’m trying to look at it as a grand experiment and adventure for my grandmother, but I worry about her. She’s in her 80s and not fond of technology, She’s lived without stairs for around a decade now and suddenly she’s going to have to deal with them again. She’ll have a chair to take her up and down the stairs, but if she doesn’t like the chair, and I can see her not feeling comfortable with it, she won’t be able to live there. Mom says I should just let my uncle deal with it and I shall, but I still worry about my grandmother.

I also found today that if you quickly start running as fast as you can, you can get what is colloquially known as a “charlie horse”. They don’t necessarily stop you from running, but they do hurt. Basketball was ok today, we played more full court, but this one guy won’t stop grabbing people and he really pissed me off. We had some words, and then took a break. By the time we were playing again I wasn’t as annoyed, but I still didn’t want to talk to him.

We get to start shopping for Amanda’s new car soon. I say “we”, but I’m just along for the ride. She goes to AZ for a few weeks for work soon too, so I don’t know what the timetable will be for the acquisition of the car, but I’m happy to go look with her and test drive fun things. I think we may test drive the RX8 even though she isn’t interested in getting one of those. I hope she gets a hybrid, but it all comes down to how much she wants to spend.

I’m doing laundry for the weekend and I should go clean the basement some more today before the TV grabs my brain. The nice recycling people took a large box of cardboard today so the basement is coming together nicely. Rich has the entertainment unit down there until some unspecified date. He’s bringing over Medieval for me to bring to MA this weekend, so I’ll ask him if he has any idea on when he’ll take it then. Not that it really matters, but it’ll let me know how deeply I can bury it in the meantime.

Speaking of Rich, he’ll likely be setting up a blog soon. Something tells me he may use it to talk about… games…

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