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Experimental Radio

There's a show on WFMU that I like to listen to on the way back home from getting my comics. It is called 7 Second Delay and they are an odd call-in talk show. They've recently done such things as having kids call in, getting them to answer a question to win $10 and then calling them back later to try to persuade them to give it back. If they stand fast, they keep the $10. The one host would warn them that the other would lie and make up all kinds of stories to try and have them change their minds. It was quite funny.
This past Wednesday they did something truly great. The two hosts are Ken and Andy. They set up a second studio and a second call-in number and had Ken broadcast on the left speaker while Andy broadcast on the right. Each show was soliciting names for Andy's new child (his wife is pregnant). Neither show coordinated with the other and yet you could still make out what each was saying if you concentrated.
If you had a good stereo, you could turn the balance one way or the other and just listen to one show; mine isn't that good. I had to listen to both. Andy got quite upset that Ken was getting twice the calls he was so he started playing small snippets of music in an attempt to drown out Ken. It didn't work.
The weirdest part, and hardest to listen to, came when Ken called Andy. Ken was using the 7 second delay, Andy wasn't even though he thought he was (Someone said "fuck" and it didn't get bleeped though Andy said it did). When Ken called, you could hear the same conversation twice, but it sounded like 4 people since voices sound different over the phone. Hearing them say something on the right speaker then again on the left made the conversation almost impossible to follow and yet they still managed to make it funny.
WFMU - Best station ever. Even their crappy shows are better than the best commercial radio has to offer.

I also like to listen to Joe Frank (on WFMU), but I can never remember when he's on. He tells stories, sometimes with sound in the background, sometimes not. He was talking recently about pilgrims and their journeys. garrity, I thought of you and your lecture I attended when I heard this. He was discussing how some pilgrims jump on a plane or bus and go to their holy site or mountain top, visit, jump back on the plane or bus and go home thinking they've found some sort of enlightenment, yet have found nothing. That the real pilgrimage is in the journey not the destination and that true pilgrims never stop traveling. His shows are always entertaining and still start you thinking about subjects you might not have otherwise.
If his material is available on-line I suggest you listen to a random show, you'll enjoy it.

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