September 19th, 2003


Preliminary Ruling

Ahr! Today be Talk-Like-A-Pirate-Day. And what a day it be. Normally sane individuals squawking like a lubber left adrift too long.
What is it about talking like a pirate? Many of my friends did so today, some at work in meetings or while training new employees. It can be great fun, but is quite hard to keep up for any length of time.

I have no idea what I'll be using this space for or how often I'll update it. I will try to ensure I update at least once a week. It will usually be more frequent. Please excuse any ranting I do, it is therapeutic to express frustration so I may use this space for that.

I'm saddened that I don't think I'll get to 180,000 miles on my car this year. Since they moved work closer to my home I don't get nearly the miles I used to. There goes my 30,000 a year average. Fortunately, I will be driving to visit people in MA and VA before the end of October, so I'll come close.

Wow, this really is random so far. I have little else coherent to say at this moment as I am somewhat sleepy and bleary and must arise at an early hour to take Amanda to work. Thus begins the experiment.

Meditation for the day: Are the Plains states plain?
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