February 6th, 2004


Must... Destroy... Capitalism! - Zombie Lenin

Yesterday I went to one of my favorite CD stores here in NJ, mostly just to torment emmalyon as she didn’t have her list of desired CDs with her at the time, and I was struck with tragic news. There were “Everything Must Go” signs plastered over the building. Evidently, one of the few discount stores and one of the few that accepts and sells used CDs has been bought out by the chain that owns Coconuts and FYI music stores and they’re closing my favorite store down, likely because of the competition it offered. Now, I am shopping at my favorite store until it closes, partly because it is so cheap and partly because I want to get the used CDs while I still can and partly because I want to shop there one last time. However, after this, I’ll never shop at a Coconuts or FYI and if I find they own other properties, I’ll cross them off too. I love capitalism, but this is one of its flaws.
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