August 16th, 2004


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My taxes are done and postmarked this morning. Nothing like waiting until the last minute! I finished at 1 AM.
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I weighed myself this morning, intending to see my starting point for a new diet. I've done this recently and my response has been "yeah, yeah, I'm fat" and nothing much happened. This morning, however, the needle came to rest on 281! I believe the exclamation point was indeed on the scale as well. This is too much. This is appalling. I've never weighed over 284 and I was disgusted with myself then.

My new diet has begun. The start is no more candy, cake, donuts, pie, ice cream or other such frivolities. I'm eliminating mayo from sandwiches. No more beer. I'm going to start bringing oatmeal for lunch starting tomorrow and to eat more salads at dinner time. I will control portion sizes.

I'm also going to begin exercising again, starting with 1/2 hour a day on the stationary bike and increasing the time gradually. I'll likely also start doing other at-home exercises and using my dumbbells.

Since this is a topic on which everyone has an opinion, I invite you. Do you have favorite exercises? Filling foods that won't fill you out? Words of encouragement?

I'll be posting my progress here to shame myself into staying on the diet. I'll post at least once a week about how it is going, so be prepared to listen to me tracking my diet. My goal: 200 lbs
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