October 8th, 2004



Two Political notes to start your morning. The first is that Salon is reporting on the "Bush was wired" conspiracy, saying it isn't demonstrably false and pointing out other times it seems as though he may have been wired. I post the link here for those who would like to read it. Not naming any names.

Secondly, According to the latest Zogby State polls, VA is up for grabs! Make sure you're registered and voting Kerry!
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No-one else is updating and I'm bored, so I will!

For those of you that can listen to music at work, go to WFMU, scroll down and look for the link on the left labeled The Evan "Funk" Davies Show

The show is composed of punk, post-punk and new wave from around 1977-1983. I know you people like this stuff and he's playing quite a bit that I've never heard of. He's mostly playing 7" records (that skip on occasion) that have never been released on CD. There are exceptions to this, but mostly this is hard to find stuff.

If you like it, look for the other shows by him. He filled in for someone all week, so there should be at least 5 shows. head58 the second song on the 10/7 show is just for you.
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Bush looks like the kid in class that has no idea what's going on. He looks scared, he looks confused. He's combative and belligerant. If pundits tell you Bush won or even tied, tell them they're lying.
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