October 12th, 2004



As I've posted here, my last day is the 22nd. After that, the people here will have to run my programs for themselves. They're doomed. If all the data is correct, they'll be fine, but we've already had problems with the second set of files. I'm the only one that knows how to use the databases and how to modify the programs to determine what's wrong. This isn't the kind of thing I could write another program to do for them because you have to deduce what's going on for each problem.

Ah well, not my problem any more. They've asked for my phone # a few times. I told them that if they want, they can have it, but my rate doubles : -) Strangely, they stop asking after that...
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Strange Day

Recently dasmarzipan started a live journal. Since then, there've been 5 posts a day on average with countless comments. Today: Nothing! It seems so odd...
Then again, this is a friend of emmalyon we're talking about, so strange is par for the course.

Actually, the day just feels strange. I'm not sure why. It is incredibly windy outside, but that can't be it. Maybe it is that yesterday and today are going by very quickly despite my having nothing to do. This is in marked contrast to the previous few weeks and is a pleasant change.

Also, today is my mom's birthday and while she doesn't read LJ, I'd just like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!
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