August 25th, 2005


College Rankings

College rankings are a big deal these days. Washington Monthly has decided to do them a different way. What do you think of their criteria? Does it better reflect a schools actual standing? I'm curious to hear what the people I know, many of whom are involved in education, and many of whom went to different schools or are still going to different schools than I did, think.

I'd also like to mention that Mt. Holyoke is ranked as the #11 Liberal Arts school in the nation.
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Since my other posts asks a real question and no-one ever responds to those and I actually want to hear from people today, I figured I'd post again.


Tell me 3 things everyone should know.

Thank You for your pedantic platitudes.
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Angry Tiger

Wheee! Posting Frenzy!

Has anyone else tried the new flavoured waters that are being marketed? urnesha tried one on the way down from MA last weekend and hated it. I tasted it and liked it. Aquafina Berry something. It was quite tasty and got rid of the taste of the plastic bottle. Sadly, they only have raspberry here, but it is still good. I tried the Dasani too, but that is less good.
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