November 16th, 2005



I really need to empty the trunk of games. I just don't quite know where to put them in the house. I also need to empty emmalyon's basement bookshelves. Currently, I'm just going to have to stack the current contents in the corner. While I enjoy the alliterative aspect, I don't relish the thought of these things sitting on the floor where the potential exists for them to get wet.

I believe a trip to Ikea is in order in the near future. Now that emmalyon and joncwriter know what their SF apartment will look like, they'll have an idea of what furniture they can take and what, if anything, they still need. Personally, I'll need some more Gorm, mostly shelves as I have some struts, and Billy. I may also want a new TV stand for the soon-to-be exercise/guest room. Maybe the Magazine Stand/End Table that Pete gave me will do the trick instead though.

I also need to figure out where to put the bar in the basement. It has shelves that are almost the right height for games...

Once all the moving is done, I also want to re-arrangethe living room. The loveseat is going to SF. (Emm and Jonc aren't taking it, it just told me it wants to move to SF.) I think if I move the tv to the corner under the DvDs and turn it cattycorner I can get another CD rack and still end up with more room in the living room. I may also move the record cabinet to the basement and the end table to in front of the couch...

Things will be reorganized! (yes, yes, some of you say just organized. To you, I say Plthbbb. Oh, and get yer sorry asses to my place to help me move things.)
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