December 23rd, 2005

Went Well

Wake Up Call

So this morning, around 7::15 AM, my phone rings. I'm still asleep 'cause I'm working from home today. I hear someone speak in some language I don't understand so I say "Wrong Number" and I hang up. The person calls back and evidently leaves a message. Then they call again. And again. And again. After maybe the 6th 2 ring call (only 2 rings 'cause they left a message) I pick up the phone and say "HELLO!" It is urnesha. She starts yelling at me for hanging up on her. She called to tell me she got the truck and will be moving today and won't be on-line after all.

Her accent has gotten so thick that with a little noise in the background and me half asleep, she sounded like she was speaking Spanish or Italian or one of those other barbarian languages. I'm keeping the angry message on the machine, it is quite amusing. I may even transfer it to the computer and give you all a link so you can hear it for yourself.
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