January 17th, 2006


Mr. Cash

I heard part of I Walk the Line this morning. I was quite surprised to realize it could be classified as skiffle.
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    I Walk the Line - Johnny Cash


Looks like I have to be in at work on Friday. I should still be able to leave here by 3 so I can get to MA by 8.
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    Rockaway Beach - Ramones
Secret ID


I just saw there's a movie being made called The Number 23
Time to practice looking for subliminal messages frame by frame.
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    Somebody's Watching Me - Rockwell

Assistance, please

To all the computer-nerdy/knowledgeable people out there,

I don't normally do much with server setup, but I think it may be at the root of a problem I'm having with some programs.

We have a centrally stored databse that 2 of the programs I inherited here use on startup. They are automatically accessed behind the scenes and thus are difficult for users to assist in debugging. They just know that the program doesn't start.

Normally, I'd just run it myself and try to track it down, therein lies the problem. They can run it in the building with no problems. If they try to run the program on VPN, it crashes. That's for each of the programs and they access the same database at the same time in the program: on startup.

I think, after some research, that the server this SQL Server database resides upon must be specially configured to allow database connectivity over VPN. Is this crazy talk or am I barking up the right tree?