January 24th, 2006


Drive In

What bizarre weather this morning. Lots of valley fog and black ice. No ice until I got to work, but the parking lot is quite slickery.
Fortunately, that should all be gone by evening.
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Yawning Lynx

More updating please

Come on people! I'm running a long process against a huge database and need something to entertain me while I wait for the testing to complete! Post post post! Or at least leave me snarky comments (vampyrusgirl and chaoticmoth, I'm looking at you)

One of the few good things about working in PA: Perogies for lunch!
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I, for one, am still under the impression that absinthe is bad for you in a poisonous sort of way. The best information I can find about it on the web indicates I may be mistaken. Does anyone out there have an authoritative source? Much of what I've found is that it is mostly booze and you can't injest enough thujone for it to be really harmful. What about over time?

Also, there seems to be a brand without any wormwood at all and some that brag about how much thujone is in it.

Personally, I have little to no interest in drinking any, but then I don't even like booze much.

Important Absinthe Information
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Still waiting for the process to end

So, while I am indeed waiting for the process to end, I'd like to posit a potential date for a shindig in MA to which hagbardc will come. I'd like many other people there as well, naturally.

I'd like to put forward the weekend of 2/18/06. We'd arrive on 2/17 (Friday) and return home on 2/20 (Monday). I have the Monday off for President's day.

Friday night, a little gaming.
Saturday during the day, gaming.
Saturday night, kareoke.
Sunday, gaming
Monday, returning home.

For whom does this sound like a good idea? First and foremost, does this work for our presumptive hosts head58 and aliwings?

I'd be willing to make trips to pick up telepresence and emilytheslayer and whomever else lies out that way with no car or other transportation. Of course if other people would simply like to pick them up on the way, that too is good.

If this happens, what games are we to play?
If it doesn't, how sad will you be?
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