February 28th, 2006


Good News?

For fans of Arrested Development:
"Arrested Development" has been picked up by Showtime, who also ordered an additional 26 episodes of the show.

Good: There'll be new episodes
Bad: They'll be on Showtime, a premium channel
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DP Dough

So, a DP Dough franchise costs $150,000. That's for the equipment, licensing and training. Then there's the rent for the space, insurance and the cost of materials and power. After all that, I'm thinking that for a manager, assistant manager, 2 employees and 1.5 drivers over a 13 hour day comes to around $800 a day. How much can one actually make on each calzone? What's the profit? How many calzones would have to be sold in a day?

Not expecting answers, just thinking.

... man I love those calzones...
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