March 16th, 2006

Went Well

Documentation Writing

I'm currently writing "future programmer" documentation for the program I'm working on. This documentation is intended to give future developers an idea of what the program does and what it is supposed to do. Unfortunately, my fingers don't seem to want to type properly today. I keep typing versions of the text that seem like they come right out of Stan Freeberg's Elderly Man River. For example, instead of saying "within the tables" I keep typing "withing the tables".

If you haven't heard the routine, let me know and I'll make sure you get to.

Suffice it to say, I'm Mr. Typo this morning.
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I Said Whoopie!

From Salon's movie reviews at the Austin film festival.

4) Charles Nelson Reilly is still alive, dammit, and boy does he have a story to tell. You'd have to be a Broadway devotee of a certain age to remember Reilly as anything but the queeny, captain-hatted wisecracker on "Match Game," plus just maybe a comic character actor on various '60s TV series. But as his solo show "The Life of Reilly" (documented in a film of the same name) demonstrates, Reilly is an actor of tremendous natural range with an extraordinary life story. Now in his mid-70s, Reilly cuts a commanding figure, spinning stories of his impoverished childhood in the Bronx and Hartford, Conn., his extraordinary career in New York theater, and his friendships with Steve McQueen, Burt Reynolds, Hal Holbrook, Jack Lemmon, Jerry Stiller and other classmates in the glory days of Herbert Bergdof and Uta Hagen's acting studio. He's too much a man of his generation and background to discuss his personal life, but along the way "The Life of Reilly" lets us know how much the world has changed. When Reilly first auditioned for NBC in the '50s, he tells us, he was dismissed: "They don't let queers on television." By the end of the next decade, he was one of the medium's most recognizable faces.
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Need New Cellphone

Mostly because my conversations on my current cell tend to follow a pattern. Someone says something, I say "what?", they repeat, I respond, they say "what?". While this is fun, I think I'm tired of the schtick. I looked at Sprint's new phones 'cause I currently have a Sprint plan. I am not under any contract though and am free to run to a new provider. Who should I pick? I know head58 has an opinion as he's told me. I just want to make sure I don't get a new plan, tell him what it is (thinking I'd gotten what he suggested) and find out I misremembered.

Everyone else may feel free to agree with him on the plan I should get or tell me why he's an idiot and I should get a different plan instead. You may not, however do so without a specific other plan to suggest.

As for a phone, all I want is one that gets really good reception and maybe plays mp3s as ringtones. Doesn't even have to play them other times, just as ringtones will do just fine. If there's an inexpensive one that does more, let me know, though it should be said I have little to no interest in camera or video phones. Address book, mp3 playing, that'd do it for me.
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