June 27th, 2006


Origins worries

I'm starting to think this Origins convention is actually a Highlander movie. There can be only one!
First hagbardc can't go because of a screwup with vacation scheduling, then cr4ckdr34m has work. Then inochinoakari can't go because of a screwup with vacation scheduling. Our friend Jon was supposed to go as well, but we don't think he's booked a flight or room. Who's next? Have others cancelled and I missed it?
I just don't want to end up as Sean Connery!
Of those of us that are going or had been going to go, which characters from the movies are we? I don't remember them well enough. Really I don't want to be any of them, everyone dies!

Which reminds me, I had a dream that I was watching Sean Connery on TV and he was doing Bond impressions, but not just referencing his old movies.
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Brain Kill

Who could this be?

John Cusack has filed for a restraining order against a woman who, according to papers filed in Los Angeles last week, has been stalking him, having her mail sent to his address and "throwing long letters of interest over [his] fence in bags with rocks and screwdrivers inside."

Remember, emmalyon this means you can't go near him or they'll put you in jail.
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