November 30th, 2006


Pay attention to what you say

I was listening to BBC Radio the other day and they were interviewing a Canadian spokesperson about the mission in Iraq. He was talking about when they're leaving and what they've gone through while there. At one point he said, and I'm estimating the "44", but the rest is accurate.

"We've had 44 casualties and one diplomat".

So they had 44 people killed and one person was turned into a diplomat? Or do diplomats not count as people? I understand he was trying to point out that not only soldiers were killed, but what an odd phrasing to use.
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Bond Slash

Apparently, the new Bond is keen on including a gay scene with full frontal nudity in the next Bond movie. I'm sure my slash loving friends will be delighted with this, as likely will those who simply find him hot. I'm in favor of it for a different reason. As a super-spy, shouldn't you be ready to seduce anyone that can give you an advantage or get you the information or access you need? It will make him far more effective.
And, of course, it has the bonus of angering reactionary, right-wing nutjobs.
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Apparently there's an article in the Forward that describes Iraq as the most disasterous war since 9 BC when Augustine lost armies in the Germanic woods. I say apparently because I cannot find the article in the Forward, just the description on The Guardian. Maybe it is subscriber only content. Either way, I think there have been more disasterous wars since then. Anyone care to chime in with their offerings?
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