December 20th, 2006


Dream #1

A few days ago I had a dream I meant to post about, but didn't.
I was working in a scientific laboratory. The Science Fictiony kind. There was a noise as I was walking down the hall and aidosaur (she worked there too) and I opened a door to check it out. The room was full of odd machines and some kind of thick, liquid, bubbly substance boiling up out of a few of them. There were people in the corner, not quite wanting to approach the machines, but not really afraid either, so aidosaur and I went up to the main machine.
aidosaur got closer than I did as whatever process was ocurring reached culmination. She was lifted slowly into the air as the center of the machine rose. The machine was creating anti-gravty! I pulled her from the energy field, but we were both hit with some sort of energy discharge. She was lightly burned in a few places, I had large gouges taken from my shins. I remember thinking in the dream, around the width of a computer mouse. Both were right down to the bone, the right leg around 10" long, the left, 6". Strangely they didn't bleed or hurt. I was most concerned that my suit's pants were now damaged and I'd have to buy a new suit before I went on any more interviews.
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Dream #2

My bedroom faces ExSE and I have no shades on the 5, side by side windows. My apartment sits on a hill with no obstruction to the horizon. The sun was very bright this morning and also made the room quite hot, despite it being cold outside. I believe these factors seeped into my dreams last night.
It was horribly hot, over 100 degrees, and global warming would just keep making it hotter. I thought that I'd never last through the next decade with the temperatures getting so high. Unfortunately, I had an errand to run. Someone had left her Starbucks paperwork at the apartment and I had to bring it to her at her job. I'm walking along, barefoot, suit-pants on, and a t-shirt, one arm up to block the sun, the other hand holding a 5" stack of paperwork. A few times I walk through muddy water to cool my feet, worrying that I'm getting my suit dirty. I trudge across the UMass campus, wondering how these other people are standing the heat enough to play with a frisbee and I get to the mall just past the north end of campus. (no, it doesn't exist in reality.)
I walk through the mall, which is a strip mall, but has a connecting roof between buildings for shade. I get to the Starbucks, walk up to Stephanie and hand her her paperwork. Stephanie? Um... ok.
On the way back to the apartment, I'm walking through the cool woods. There's leaves everywhere on the ground and I'm still barefoot. Suddenly, there's a bunch of animals running past me and then children running by too! This can mean only one thing: fire! I run ahead to the T in the path, I have to go left to get home and they were all running from the left. Sure enough, fire is racing towards me. I turn left and run as fast as I can, but the fire is catching up.
I see a house and run to the door to warn the people inside. I knock repeatedly, worrying that I'm knocking too often and being annoying. The owner gets to the door and I tell him that a fire is coming. "Call emergency and run!" I say. "Nah" he says, "That happens all the time. Gets rid of the underbrush." and he closes the door.
So I walk the rest of the way home and realize I'd left the door open. I'm worried that I'll have to search the entire place for intruders for about 5 seconds before I realize the neighbor's 6 kids are running all over the place and have gotten into the food!
So I chase all the kids out and have a talk with the neighbor about letting his kids run around like that, check the rest of the place for intruders (there are none) and then have to go fight HHH at his place that he shares with a bunch of other wrestlers.
Naturally the inside of his house is a huge wrestling ring. I ended up spending much more time counseling his girlfriend than wrestling and as I left the two of them (as a favor, I piledrived her onto his chest so they could make up) lying on the mat, I woke up.
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