December 21st, 2006


Victory Is MINE!

I found this on a website today. Only looked 'cause Pandora played Underwater Moonlight byt he Soft Boys.

Found it here!
Here's my parting quote (from the Lope at the Hive version of Underwater

In the beginning was The Fish. Landlocked under a sea of dry mud. No hope of
escape for this fish: wedged in all kinds of contraptions. So a couple of guys
came down from Basing-Stoke with a
deep-rod-tunnel-screw-input-shaft-monopolizer, and they rammed this thing right
through the middle of the Earth. Like that. Unh! And it penetrated towards
The Fish into one of its gills, and The Fish mumbled out, "Hey man, I'm only
hearing it in one ear." So a couple of guys came down from Blackpool with a
sub-individual-monopoly-coaster and they heaved in through and they lowered the
pulley, baby. And they rammed it in, unh! So The Fish had stereo, and The
Fish said, "Okay what's for breakfast?" And it was Dave Lee-Travis. Why! You
know? And it came around to nine o'clock, just time to wake up and get out of
bed. Thick head. Too much to drink. Fish couldn't move, and then he heard
Simon Bates saying it's the golden age, and it was nineteen sixty-. . . six!
Yeah. Because back where you are with The Fish, it's always nineteen
sixty-six, and The Fish was free, and the contractors they called in other men
from different parts, and they called upon the Lord: "Why don't you feed The

I've been looking for this for a decade! I only had it on a dubbed cassette! A place to start looking! Wheeee! You have NO idea how excited I am!
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