January 16th, 2007



It feels really weird to be packing. I've lived here longer than I've ever lived anywhere. I've started in ernest, however. I'm still proceeding slowly, but will pick up the pace once a job comes through. I shouldn't need too long to actually get packed.

Also, I can't believe I didn't pick Larry Storch for the Death Pool. He hasn't died recently, I'm just saying. He looked terrible last time I saw him on TV.

As far as the job search goes. I'm happy with the results Monster and Dice have gotten me, I just wish agencies would actually read my resume before calling me. I am not a tester. I am not a sales person. I'm getting entirely too many of these calls or emails.

My project for today is to go back through LJ and find the name of the charity head58 told me about, call them and arrange a pickup. Catalog what I'm giving them and prepare what's not in the garage that's also being donated.

Also, call a few agencies and follow up on the promising lead in MA.
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So much for that

Vietnam Veterans of American pick up in my county, but not my zip code. I must now find another charity that will pick up and will take all my stuff.

Rats, it is looking like the Salvation Army is the only one.
I have one place for the cell phone and another for the comptuers, but the rest of the stuff looks like Salvation Army only.
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