March 16th, 2007


Dream & stuff

The weather this weekend should be interesting. Latest forecast has heavy rain into Saturday after all the snow and showers in the afternoon. It should also be 39 degrees. I'm thinking all the snow will be gone by evening.

I had a weird dream about work last night. I had to interview someone for a graphic artist position. The guy showed up for the first interview in a stained t-shirt and jeans, 2-days growth of beard and unkempt hair, looking bleary. the interview doesn't go all that badly, so we have him in for a second round. This time it is me and my manager interviewing the guy and he is at least dressed a little better, but he's late.
He explains his lateness by saying he was up too late the night before drinking heavily and smoking pot. My boss writes NO in her notebook and closes it. However, we apparently have to interview him for a minimum amount of time, so we keep asking him questions. They're all answered badly and every so often, my boss opens her notebook and writes NO more and more emphatically and closes it again.
She asks him if he's ever been arrested and he says "Yes" and goes on with this long story about how it wasn't his fault and how he was just with the guys that actually committed the crime and how the cops are the ones that should have been arrested, etc, etc...
I ask him if he brought a portfolio and he brings out a "magazine" of his work, that looks like a copy of Mad. In it is his work, but most of it looks like scanned comic pages, slightly altered, a little bit of decent original work and lots and lots of porn art. I was mortified.
Fortunately, at around this point, the alarm went off and I woke up.
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