March 28th, 2007

Angry Tiger

Well that was a mistake

I watched The Daily Show tonight. I shouldn't have. They had Dennis Miller on as a guest and he's managed to get even LESS funny. What a moron. I can't believe John Stewart had him on the show, let alone laugh at all his "jokes". Stewart must owe him somehow or thought it was enough to let Miller make a fool of himself. He was wrong.
Miller's "jokes" consisted of him mocking Nancy Pelosi for blinking often and being ugly and mocking Senator Byrd for speaking in an eccentric manner. Hee hee. A man is old! A woman is ugly! The president (that Miller supports) has done so many horrible things one could list them for hours and hours and still have more left over, but the democrats look funny! Ha ha, shoot this moron now. He has certainly proven that conservatives cannot be funny.
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Brain Kill


Greetings all!

I have little or nothing to say, save that it is Wednesday and I'm ready for the workday to be over. Sadly, I have over 2 hours left to go. I'm going to go get a snack of some sort from the machines in the nearby building. Diet Coke and a mystery solid! A mystery 'cause I don't know what I'll get now that candy is off limits. Perhaps they'll have pretzels or animal crackers. I know they have Cheeze-Its, but perhaps I shouldn't get those. I don't know why. Am I under the impression that they have vast quantities of calories?

I shall let you know how snacking goes.

I wish you all virulent pasta! In a good way!

2 cans Diet Coke
1 packet Cheeze-Its!
1 packet animal crackers.
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