May 1st, 2007

Secret ID

Secret jeffwik Entry # 371

Saw subject walking to university, crossing street at circle. Carrying coffee in left hand with possible unidentified objects in right hand. Subject was wearing button-down shirt, nearing quota.
Maintain surveilance, patience will reward.
Blue Group Leader, out.
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No Japan? How about WWII?

The WWII Airshow is coming up on June 1-3!
This is right outside Reading, PA.
It has working WWII fighter planes, cargo planes, bombers and more! American, British, German and Japanese! Once in awhile, there's a Russian plane!
Plus, there's lots of WWII stuff on the ground, trucks, half-tracks, kubelwagons, machine guns, cannon, jeeps, people dressed in costumes (military and civilian), radio show re-enactments, singers, comedians, fair-midway-style food
Fun for 3/5ths of the family!
And it is cheap!
Heck, if enough people from MA want to go, we can look into renting a bus.

Want to go to the WWII Airshow?

Maybe, I'll have to check my schedule/finances
No, it looks boring
No, it looks hokey
No, it is too far away
No, it is too expensive
No, I don't have time
No, I have no interest in WWII
No, I have no interest in classic planes
No, My kids will enjoy it too much
No, you people annoy me
No, Pennsylvania frightens me
Other (say in comments)
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Secret ID

LP to Wav

Currently I plug my turntable into a tuner/amp and plug that into my sound card with a splitter cable. What do the audio people out there think of using this instead?

I'm tempted to get it, but am unsure about being able to control volume through it. My amp never seems to control the volume the way it is set up now.

If you don't like this, do you have anything better to suggest for hooking the turntable to the PC, preferably through USB?

Also, I'm intending to get an external Dazzle device for burning my video tapes to the computer. Will that also do stereo to computer?
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Last weekend's nerdity

Last Saturday, I accompanied emilytheslayer to a sheepshearing festival. She loves knitting and wanted to go be surrounded by wool. I enjoyed myself, the food was decent, the music was ok, the company was excellent (many friends went).
I enjoyed the sheepdog demonstration, border collies herding sheep and then ducks. head58 and aliwings brought their son and he appeared to enjoy himself at teh festival as well.
The main reason I'm posting about it now though, is that I just remembered what happened when I ordered food for emilytheslayer and I. I'd gotten a pulled pork sandwich ($5), a hamburger ($4), a hot dog($3) and a bottle of diet coke ($2). The guy behind the counter told me the total was $5 factorial. I was greatly pleased.
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Angry Tiger

Ted Kopple

Who knew Ted Koppel was such a complete moron? I just heard him on NPR acting as a Right Wing mouthpiece. What a tool. Claiming the Democrats can't call for pulling out the troops 'cause there's no way Bush will and then they'd be doomed. They couldn't stay at that point or they validate Bush, they can't leave 'cause the chaos would be on their hands.
Does he bother to think about what the RNC has handed him? Or does he just read it verbatim?
"In a few months after taking the White House, Iraq would be the Democrat's problem"
Really? You mean Republicans aren't still blaming things on Clinton 7 years after he left office?
Yeah, the Democrats would sure be in a pickle withdrawing the troops like the ever-growing majority of Americans want. How would they ever stand themselves with doing what is both right and popular?
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