May 22nd, 2007

Safety Dance

We can dance if we want to!

The last line of dialogue (in the script, don't know if it is in the clip), made me think of head58. This was a great episode as it also included a combat scene of Turk and Todd fighting ninja-surgeons to the tune of Kung-Fu Fighting.

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You Want This

Giving away more things

Who wants a scarf? I don't wear the things, so I certainly don't need this one. If someone left it at my place and wants to claim it, feel free. It is a piano-keys scarf! Not one to cover piano keys on a piano, it is a scarf for your neck with the image of piano keys on it.

Also, I have a hard case, attache case from the 70s that I'd like to part with.

As always, if no-one wants these: Goodwill!
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