May 23rd, 2007

Iberian Lynx


She will be arriving on Friday, has a reunion thing on Saturday and is leaving late Monday.
Who wants to do stuff on Sunday, most of Monday and possibly late Saturday?
We'll be in the Northampton area Saturday. If anyone wants to meet us there and hang out while kaisilverwolf is doing reuniony things, let me know. emilytheslayer and I will be hanging out and going to a yarn store.
Sunday and Monday are wide open! Lemmie know what'cha wanna do. If you have no idea, but want to be included in seeing kaisilverwolf let me know that too.
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Last night I rearranged one of the storage facility spaces I have. I moved all my comic boxes to the back of the space and stacked them a little differently. As a result, I have a decent amount of free space left! Once urnesha takes her stuff, I should have a 5x5 space free in that locker. As I continue to get rid of things, I'm pretty sure I get get it all down to 10x15 even without moving stuff into the house (after I get one).
I've also arranged it so I can go through stuff in that space without having to move things I'm keeping, like comics and bookshelves, to have access to what I want to go through.
The kitchen is nigh done.
The living room is nigh done.
The bedroom is nigh done.
Everything's coming up Milhouse!
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Safety Dance

Rocking the PS2

Last night I beat Guitar Hero on Medium. It was fun! Now I have all the songs unlocked and have started buying bonus tracks. I should probably go back and do the whole thing on Easy so I can unlock the things you get for that. I also need to do a few more songs to have done all the songs on medium. I only need to do 2 or 3 over again to improve them to 5 stars, which also unlocks something.
After I finished, I figured I'd see just how hard the Hard level is. I didn't think I'd have that much trouble using 5 buttons instead of 4, but I did! I did a low level song, first tier, on practice and only got 62%! I'm surprised I scored that high 'cause I felt like I was just flailing about. I need MUCH more practice before I can tackle the Hard level.
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OK, we all know what an average is.
If you want the mean of a set of numbers, say: 2,3,4,5,101
You add them together 115
and divide by the number of entries getting 23
However, if I want the median of 2,3,4,5,101
then I just find the midpoint and the answer is 4?
That seems wrong somehow.
I haven't done this in a long time.

Would someone please clarify?
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