June 27th, 2007



SF in particular. I like Alan Dean Foster, his books are usually interesting, well paced and filled with interesting ideas and characters. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes serious. Either way they're usually a good, quick read.

I'm currently reading Sentenced to Prism (Are book titles supposed to be italicized or bolder or what? I don't remember any more.) and I've enjoyed the odd world and situation he's created except for one little detail.

I don't know if this'd bother anyone else, but there's a small inconsistency in the book. In this future world, our hero comes from a world colonized long ago. Instead of taming the environment, humans create bodysuits that allow them to walk around in hurricane strength storms, perform great physical feats, stay healthy and even get a snack right from the suit. The suits help take care of the kids (the kid's suits can be programmed to make sure they get to school, for example), etc...
When going to an exotic, dangerous world, they give our hero a super-suit. Essentially a small mech he can ride around in. When it is disabled and he has to get out, Foster emphasizes that our hero's only been without a suit twice before, both times on a dare to go swimming in the ocean without a swim suit. The swim suit comes complete as a wetsuit/scuba suit and contains propulsion systems. Later in the story, our hero has to cross a river, but the problem is, he's never been swimming before!
When I came to this point, I thought "wait a second" and went back and found the part where it talks about him swimming without a suit. Is this the author's fault or an editor's or someone else? It doesn't ruin the book for me, but it is annoying. I kind of want to contact the author/publisher and point out the inconsistancy. Would they have fixed this in subsequent runs or not have bothered? My copy is from 1985, so...
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