September 11th, 2007


Dream Snippets

I had some odd dreams last night, but don't really remember either in great detail.

The first was hagbardc and I wandering around the suburbs finding Punk Rock clubs in people's basements. Some had live music, some had djs, some had people playing guitar along with records. It was weird. hagbardc left just as the World Cup games began 'cause he had to go paint miniatures.

The second was long, involved and had an ending. It involved my parents (not my real parents) being killed by the mob in a horrible roller coaster accident. Most of the dream was me tracking down the killers and it ended with me handing them over to the police and standing in front of the still wrecked roller-coaster, holding the slightly burned, last polaroid photo my mom had taken on that fateful day. As I stood there, crying, there was one of those artsy, 360 degree shots of me and then I woke up.
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