October 17th, 2007


Music Question

So, There's a distinct song melody that I know is in at least 4 songs, but I can't remember the 4th. The first two are the Kinks, the third is the Sex Pistols.

  1. Girl
    I want
    to be with you
    all of the time
    All day
    and all of the night

  2. Girl
    I want
    you here with me
    but, I'm really not as cool
    as I'd like to be

  3. Hello
    I love you
    Won't you tell me your name

  4. I'm on a
    submarine mission
    for you baby
    I can't figure out
    your watery love

What one am I missing? Is it more than one? This is bugging me, tell me quickly!

EDIT! head58 found the 4th one for me, listed as # 3 up there. So what other songs have this pattern? head58 found a few, but I'm sure there are more!
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So I'm thinking of refinancing my car loan. I'd save at least 1% on interest and my payments would go from $555/mo to $489/mo. I've paid 16 months of the loan so far and $489/mo would be for 4 more years. I could get it down to like $444/mo if I did another 5 years. If I don't change, I have it paid off at least 4 months earlier. If I refinance, I have that extra $ lying about right now.
Is it worth it?
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